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Rising Slightly Later in 2012

The Transylvanian Grimoire Eldritch enchantments and ancient mysteries are laid bare in The Transylvanian Grimoire. You’ll uncover an entirely new list of spells for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, tailored to campaigns of dangerous, yet subtle, magic. You’ll also exhume new patrons and schools of magic like Ritual Magic and Alchemy. The Transylvanian Grimoire can be used in any existing campaign of DCC to transmogrify it into something heavier on the sword than the sorcery. No Transylvania Required! A word of caution, however. The Transylvanian Grimoire contains rule modifications that were too terrifying to be considered “essential” rules in Transylvanian Adventures. Invite them to your table, if you dare!

Rising in 2012

Transylvanian Adventures Set aside those “Domains of Despair” for a World of Adventure! Ancient secrets and epic adversaries lie buried in a land of mists and supersition. Frightened innkeepers bolt their doors for fear of the stranger at the threshold. Stoic villagers stand helpless against horrors beyond belief. It is up to you to turn back the tide of darkness. And it all starts here! Transylvanian Adventures is a supplement for Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. New character classes, rules, monsters and a hexmap are all included to capture the feel of adventuring in the land where modern horror began. No Elves. No Dwarves. No Sparkly Vampires.

This Could All End Very, Very Badly

It started as a lark. No, more like a rant. A rant against why no tabletop roleplaying game had ever captured the spirit of one of my favorite niche genres of film -- Hammer Horror. Yes, I know. Ravenloft. It's not my intent to be dismissive. That's just the first thing everyone has said since I started this "thought experiment gone horribly wrong" 18 months ago. Long story short, I'm here. On a blog. With a publishing imprint ready to kick off the mad marketing campaign of my own personal fantasy heartbreaker . I even had to look up what a publishing imprint was . I'm so  incredibly out of my element here. So here goes...