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Terrifying Tales of GenCon 2013, Part 2

Following my  first GenCon 2013 post , I'm going to recap some highlights from my second (and last) day at GenCon. The second day I was there, GenCon seemed no less large. It was a bit comical at times because Indianapolis had managed to schedule a biker rally, a music festival, a baseball game, and GenCon all on the same weekend. The foot traffic around the convention center was pretty wild at times, between Cosplayers and Bikers who, for all I know, might've been cos-players themselves. The people in Indianapolis seemed very friendly and had nothing but nice things to say about the GenCon attendees -- which was nice. I did my best to help out on the second day. I did a coffee run and helped Doug Kovacs out at his booth. I had a game scheduled in the afternoon but, surprisingly, it was a no-show. But that was okay because Saturday night wound up ending with a bang. We had a group that evening that ran  TATG characters through   DCC RPG's Tower Out of Time by Michae