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What is TA/TG exactly?

Could you post a short description of what TA/TG is exactly? I know it's set in transylvania and has guns, but what is the tone of the setting? Is there Christianity? Are the adventures as "over the top" as the standard DCC senarios? What is the setting and the campaign going to be like? Mark Brantingham posted this  on the blog and I think it warrants some answers. Could you post a short description of what TA/TG is exactly? TA/TG is two books: Transylvanian Adventures and The Transylvanian Grimoire .  Transylvanian Adventures contains character classes, charts, rules addenda, a hexmap, a sample adventure, monsters, adversaries and advice for playing in a Hammer Horror style campaign using the DCC ruleset.  The Transylvanian Grimoire,  at this time, features more adversaries, monsters, a couple more charts, a few more classes as well as an entirely new spellcasting system and collection of spells for use with Transylvanian Adventures . I know it's set in trans

13 Chapters, 5 Appendices

grald_the_hunter over on the DCC/TA-TG forum requested that I do some blogging on the status of Transylvanian Adventures' doneness. So here I'm including the Table of Contents with some notes on the status of each of the sections. In future blogposts, I'll go overly briefly what each chapter contains, as well as highlighting which portions can be used independently of TA/TG. Player's Sections I: Introduction - (done, under review) II: Rule Enhancements   -   (done, under review) III: 0-Level Adventurers   -   (done, under review) IV: Character Classes   -   (done, under review) V: Equipment and Wealth   -   (done, under review) Judge's Sections VI: Skills   -   (done, under review) VII: Magic   -   (done, under review) VIII: Transylvania - (redrafting, about 80% done) IX: Campaigning - (drafted, needs redraft) X: The Hexmap   -   (drafted, needs redraft) XI: Monsters and Encounters - (outlined, needs draft) XII: Adversaries   -   (outlined, need