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Saturday, July 14, 2012

13 Chapters, 5 Appendices

grald_the_hunter over on the DCC/TA-TG forum requested that I do some blogging on the status of Transylvanian Adventures' doneness. So here I'm including the Table of Contents with some notes on the status of each of the sections. In future blogposts, I'll go overly briefly what each chapter contains, as well as highlighting which portions can be used independently of TA/TG.

Player's Sections

I: Introduction - (done, under review)
II: Rule Enhancements - (done, under review)
III: 0-Level Adventurers - (done, under review)
IV: Character Classes - (done, under review)
V: Equipment and Wealth - (done, under review)

Judge's Sections

VI: Skills - (done, under review)
VII: Magic - (done, under review)
VIII: Transylvania - (redrafting, about 80% done)
IX: Campaigning - (drafted, needs redraft)
X: The Hexmap - (drafted, needs redraft)
XI: Monsters and Encounters - (outlined, needs draft)
XII: Adversaries - (outlined, needs draft)
XIII: Sample Adventure - “Horror on Starkweather Mountain” - (done, under review)


Appendix A: Research & Investigation - (done, under review)
Appendix B: In Between Adventures - (done, under review)
Appendix C: Random NPC Chart - (done, under review)
Appendix D: Random Name Charts - (done, under review)
Appendix E: Combat Events Table - (done, under review)

Extra Material

0-Level Character Sheet - (done, under review)
Character Sheet - (done, under review)

The reason the Monsters and the Adversaries chapters are still in outline stage is because I didn't get a look at how DCC was going to handle monsters until the final draft was made available. This is the first chance I've gotten to compare my notes to DCC because I've been very busy finalizing the character classes and the copious charts included with Transylvanian Adventures.

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