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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Update: What's Taking So Long?!

Yup. I know. I said layout would start this week. Yeah, well. I was wrong.

Proof-reading is taking longer than expected. I'm right now about halfway through the book. I have two very big chapters to get through. And then 6 other smaller chapters to get through.

The book should go to layout about the same time the Gamma is sent out.

I've had to go back and add some sections. Move a few things around. And rewrite a few parts because I think I was suffering from sleep deprivation when they were first written.

I'm also getting ready for GenCon. And that's its own ball of wax.

News coming out of the batcave this week...

There will be a free version of Transylvanian Adventures. It will contain a subset of the classes in TATG. It will only be available in PDF form. It will not have any art in it. It will have the Sample Adventure and Rule Enhancements. It will not have all the tables in it. It will be (roughly) 40% of the real book, sans art. It will have the map for the Sample Adventure in it, however.

The reasoning behind this is because I first got many of my favorite OSR publications in a "free" format. It did not detract from me buying the final product, however. In fact, I oftentimes was unsure if I wanted the final book until I read through the free version.

I think TATG is awesome. I understand that some people might be on the fence about it. I don't want to eliminate doubt. I want to obliterate doubt.

We're close enough that I think I can post a potential release date. Release for the first book, Transylvanian Adventures, will be sometime around or before October. The express/free version will be made available roughly 6 weeks after the first book is released.

Happy Halloween.

I'll keep everyone posted as to whether I think I can beat that date. But I highly doubt (barring tragedy or misfortune) that TA will get pushed beyond that date.

I'm also working on getting The Winter Home available in deadtree form. Hopefully, the book will be available in that fashion from day one. If you buy a deadtree big book, you get a PDF free. That's how I roll. If you've bought a PDF of The Winter Home and want it in deadtree form, I'll figure out a discount or something once that option is available.

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  1. I can't wait for this to be released. I had so much fun reading your Winter Home & playtest rules. This is a really fun product.


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