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Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's the hold up?

Sorry it's taking so long to get the print-on-demand books together. Here's the whys and wherefores...

I'm getting some edits in. I'm taking care of a few of the issues that have been raised over the past month or so. The PDF should be updated around the same time as the POD is made available.

I misunderstood how Lulu handled discounts, coupons, etc. I know I've gotten coupons in the past for specific titles or authors. But, apparently, I can't offer them as a new publisher for some reason. I'm currently in the process of getting POD set up through DriveThruRPG/RPGNow so that those who have the PDF can receive a discount on the hardcover as promised. Canadian folks can contact me directly if they don't want to pay across-the-border shipping costs.

We'll work something out.

The extended kerfluffle at Lulu dovetailed nicely into the need for me to clean up a couple of items. If it wasn't clear, there will be a hardcover version available at Lulu and RPGNow for $34.99. The hardcover will come with a free PDF through RPGNow. Lulu will also have a softcover version for $19.99. That's a deal right there.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. It would be nice to have it right now, but I'd rather have it when it's ready and you're happy with it, no rush.

  2. Glad to hear that you're taking time to make edits before setting up the POD books, as there were a few minor things that I'd found in the pdf when I bought it.

    Hopefully this won't delay the Hanging Judge's Guide too much. (Really looking forward to the bestiary and seeing if there's more material for adventure creation)


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