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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drachammer 20K

For those who've been following Transylvanian Adventures, it is probably no surprise that this haphazardly updated blog has been hand-in-hand with the TATG forum over on the Goodman Games website.

About a week ago, I posted that I'd show a glimpse at the TATG character sheet when that forum logged its 20,000th view. Much to my amazement, it eclipsed the 20K mark in no time.

So here is the TATG character sheet, filled out with the details of one of the playtest characters -- H. Meneleus Collins, Esquire -- an 8th level Polymath played by Tony Hogard.

Enjoy! And thanks again for all your support and interest in Transylvanian Adventures. The first book is almost to layout.


  1. I'm not entirely sure why but the 'Last Will & Testament of...' bit up top doesn't sit right with me. It feels a bit too overtly jokey for my taste.
    I'd prefer something like 'The Notebook of...' or 'The Journal of...' More of a Jonathan Harker feel IMO.

    Otherwise it's nice and quite evocative.

  2. Thanks, knobgobbler. That's great feedback. I hadn't given much thought to the "Last Will..." text in the info section but I like your alternate suggestions. I'll consider using those instead. I might be able to do something more visually interesting with those as well.



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