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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Here's the Latest...

Status Update

It was recently brought to my attention over on the Goodman Games' forums that I hadn't updated the blog in 3 MONTHS. Oh wow. Sorry about that. I've been busy trying to finish up the first book. The past few months have seen some significant changes to the manuscript. These include:

  • A rewrite of the Sample Adventure that adds more decision paths
  • A rewrite of the way some of the sample spells work
  • A rewrite of the Fear mechanics
  • An update of the DCs listed in the book to rectify some of the issues I'd observed in playtesting
  • An overhaul of the character sheet
  • A rewrite of the Character Classes chapter (marking the third and fourth revisions of that chapter)

At the moment, this is where the first book stands.

Transylvanian Adventures (Book 1)

I: Introduction (Ready for Layout)

Players and Judges
II: Rule Enhancements (Ready for Layout)
III: 0-Level Adventurers (Ready for Layout)
IV: Character Classes (Needs one more proofread)
V: A Brief Chapter on Magic (Ready for Layout)
VI: Equipment and Wealth (Ready for Layout)
VII: Skills Chapter (Ready for Layout)

VIII: Overview of the Flow of a game of TATG (Needs Draft)
IX: Research & Investigation (Ready for Layout)
X: In Between Adventures Charts (Needs Proofread)

XI: Sample Adventure - “Horror on Starkweather Mountain” (Ready for Layout)
XII: Inspirations (Drafting...)
XIII: Illustrator & Playtester Credits (Needs Draft)
XIV: Character Sheet (Ready)

A Sample Solo Adventure might be included. Not sure at this point. It might work in place of Chapter 8. We'll see. Sort of like a protracted example. A good portion of the book will be going into layout soon. By the end of February, I should have a very good idea of how much longer it's going to take.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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