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Monday, July 29, 2013


  • The Winter Home has been updated. I added a Male Valiant and Female Hunter. So now all 5 pre-gens are available in male-female varieties.
  • I've been busy proof-reading and editing the draft. Right now, I have completed 7 chapters. They are awaiting layout. I have either 7 or 8 left to go.
  • As I've edited, I've added a few sections. Most of them try to clear up things that seemed less than clear such as: can a 0-Level clergyman turn unholy?
  • I went back and added a section on Lifepaths. It's not as gonzo as Cyberpunk 2020. And not as detailed, deadly, or focused as Traveller. But it helps distinguish between a character that's 15 and one that's 50. Mostly it addresses the character's circle of friends and loved ones. As well as any good or bad things that may have happened to the character prior to the 0-Level Funnel.
  • I also added a section to the CharGen chapter that should make the history buffs happy.
  • And as a last bit, I went back and detailed what levels in Transylvanian Adventures signify. As well as the typical sort of character arc a TATG character can expect. An example of a character arc would be a DCC Warrior fighting monsters, acquiring a castle, building a following, and becoming a warlord.

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