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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Both Sides Against Me Since The Day I Was Born

Yes, that's a Cher reference. So be it!

Since Zdanman did such a great job of getting the inside scoop on this class, I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there. It's one of my favorite classes in the game and I was sad to have to move it to The Transylvanian Grimoire. But this guy, or gal, is probably used to that sort of treatment.

Today I introduce... The Half-Breed!

The Half-Breed was born from an unnatural lineage. The Halfbreed is often sickly but is gifted in the arts of magic and fighting (or aiding) the forces of darkness

Is that really it?

Well, yeah, sorta. The Half-Breed needs little-to-no introduction. It's half bouncing baby and other half dark broody not-quite-sure. It was emo before Emo Phillips. And it's one of the more interesting classes in these books.

Why? Well, let's review what I leaked to Zdanman.

  •  As they progress, each class is capable of "upgrading" their abilities. Such that, they are more divergent from one another over time. Like wildly so.
  • The Half-Breed is distinct because part of its customization can be random. And that's pretty awesome, IMO. A Half-Breed is like a box of chocolates...
  • The Half-Breed could be Dhampir. But the class allows the player to decide what's he's half of. So a Half-Breed could be a anything, really. 
  • The assumption is that the half-breed doesn't know what his heritage is. Over time, the player can make a clear distinction that the character is part-whatever as his abilities emerge. Or maybe even a reincarnation of something or other. It's pretty wide open.
And as a final bit of information, Half-Breeds are the best two-weapon fighters in Transylvanian Adventures


  1. So does that mean we can play Belial from Basket Case with this class?


  2. That would be tricky. But the class' abilities can be "skinned" in many different ways. It would easily lend itself to a schizoid sort of character who can be played as one mild-mannered personality versus one combat twink personality.

    It might be tough playing a character that has a demonic conjoined twin. But I'm pretty sure it could be done.


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