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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Keeping It Classy...

I've just finished cleaning up the Classes section for Transylvanian Adventures. Due to space concerns and containing the scope of the first book, I'm having to move 3 Classes to the Transylvanian Grimoire. Those three classes are... The Half-Breed, The Exotic and The Theorist.

That means there will only be one "spellcasting" class in the first book -- The Polymath.

But I did add a new character class to TA: The Redeemable. No, he's not a coupon. But that keeps the number of classes introduced in Transylvanian Adventures at 6: The Valiant, The Survivor, The Polymath, The Hunter, The Charger and the new one (The Redeemable).

There are a number of rules tweaks in TA that build off of what's in Dungeon Crawl Classics. I'm looking forward to sharing some of those soon.

But for now, I'll introduce the first class in Transylvanian Adventures... THE VALIANT!

The Valiant is a man or woman whom destiny has thrown into the greater conflict between good and evil. The Valiant can come from any walk of life but all hold in common a lack of martial prowess for which they account with exceptional virtue and bravery. This class is the Everyman or the Girl Next Door who is thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

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