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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What We Know So Far...

Over on the TA/TG thread on the Goodman Games' forum, Zdanman asked a lot of good questions and I gave a handful of nebulous answers. It's hard for me to figure out what to say and what not to say because things are still in flux. But I am releasing some information out when I can.

Here's the stuff Zdanman and I discussed last week. I'm collecting it here so that no one has to roll a Spot check.

About the Valiant...

  • The Valiant class models the typical horror protagonist
  • The Valiant doesn't have a lot of combat prowess
  • But the Valiant does have abilities that will give him or her an edge when it's really needed

About Classes in TA/TG...
  • The Classes in TA are different from the Classes in DCC
  • Classes from TA are not designed to be compatible or mixed with Classes from DCC
  • That said, there's nothing stopping a group from trying it. It's just not something I'm playtesting or putting a lot of effort towards.
  • In some cases, a skill bonus (?) for a class in TA could outclass a DCC Thief's skill bonus unless that Thief were very high level (7th+)
  • Classes are "modular". Meaning... customizable. Two Valiants at 6th level could play very differently.

About Transylvanian Adventures in general...
  • There is no magical healing
  • Outside of Transylvania, TA could be used straight for a low-magic fantasy game. Or it can be used in bits and pieces to spice up a game of DCC.
  • TA does not feature feats, powers or any of the types of trappings found in 4e or 3e
More to come soon.

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