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A Logo and an Update

  • Transylvanian Adventures has a new logo. The old one from the flyer in DCC was a placeholder. I put that flyer together in about 4 hours, logo, creepy art and all. Didn't have much time to do more with it.
  • I needed a logo and art for the Free RPG Day Quickstart adventure so there it is. I'll also be taking a stab (ha!) at a Land of Phantoms logo too. Land of Phantoms is the publishing imprint I'll be using.
  • Regarding the Quickstart, it's drafted. I need to draw up the map. I've sketched a cover piece and need to drag it kicking and screaming into the line art phase. Beyond that, I'll be doing a few interior pieces as well.
  • The Quickstart has been a great mental exercise for me. In the process of reducing the scope of the rules to just a few pages, I've greatly simplified a number of rule enhancements. In addition, the classes chapter has gotten one further refinement -- each time getting less and less complicated. Right now, Transylvanian Adventures sits comfortably between Dungeon Crawl Classics and Swords & Wizardry on the complexity scale -- meaning it's a simpler game to play than DCC but a bit more complex than S&W. I'm pretty happy about that.
  • The How-To chapter will no longer feature a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure tutorial. I will draft a sample of play instead.
  • The scope and breadth of the changes put the project into another pretty significant rewrite. All this was happening while the Quickstart was being drafted. This means a Gamma version will be on the way in a bit. (Alpha... Beta.... Gamma?)
Without further ado, here's the logo...


  1. Loving it really excited to see this. It really embodies a take on Transylvania I think Ravenloft and others fail to deliver. That classic B&W cinema feel that truly many want to walk into live and imagine. Well done.

    I might like to see the cover art go B&W or be inspired by the same classic cinema feel. Wow. Nice.

  2. Very nice logo. Has a bit of a "Munsters" tongue-in-cheek feel to it.


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