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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sneak Peek at the Quickstart Map

  • I'm still going through the chapters of the first book (Transylvanian Adventures). I've hit a couple of snags in the Research/Investigation chapters and I already had a known issue I wanted to resolve with the In-Between Adventures chapter. The purpose of resolving these issues is to provide two optional "mini-games" for groups to play through if they want to blow through these portions of game prep or pre-dungeoneering. They're essentially "emergent play" engines. I should write a blog on what that means. I'm probably working on that for the foreseeable future. I don't expect to be done before the end of the month. When I am done, the alpha/beta groups will get a "Gamma" copy to review, Hulk up and smash the internet to little pieces because they will be irradiated with awesomeness (I hope).
  • I've also been going back through the Quickstart. It's drafted but there are a couple of issues I ran into with mapping it that will require a minor rewrite of a couple of room descriptions. I'm also going back to rewrite the adventure setup. The intent is to give players a feel for what the Research/Investigation system will bring to the table. I should be wrapping this up within a week.
  • I've just (and I mean just) completed the adventure map. I've included a preview image of it below. I've also completed one piece of interior art, have another just beyond sketching and have sketched a cover piece. I'd anticipate those will take a few weeks.
  • One of the alpha/beta group has put me in touch with a playtester who really, really wants to write some adventures for TATG. I'll let him reveal the details when he's ready. But his ideas for adventures sound amazing. Freaking amazing.
  • I've been too busy to do much on the How-To chapter (which still needs drafting). I have been able to flesh out a rough (new) outline, however. Sorry that I won't be finishing the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure tutorial. But that thing went pear-shaped real quick.
  • Around two-thirds of the book is done-done. As in REALLY done. The blockers now have all been listed above -- Research/Investigation improvements, In-Between Adventures improvements, How-To draft.
Thanks to everyone for the patience. This has been a long, hard road. Hopefully, Book 2 goes faster and Book 3 goes even faster. Once I get things drafted and into layout, I'll start doing little blurbs on the chapters and how they've changed (if they have).

Here's the preview of the Quickstart adventure map. It will be for 4-5 2nd Level Transylvanian Adventures characters (which will be included) but it could be run with 4-5 DCC fantasy characters as well. As you can see, there is at least one giant spider, three women in nightgowns and something undead down there at the bottom. It's called "The Winter Home". And I'll find a way to offer it as a free downloadable PDF on Free RPG Day.

Hope you're looking forward to it...

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