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Update April 2013

What I've been up to recently. Usually I put these over on the forum but I decided this one was a big enough item to put it on the blog.

Free RPG Day

  • I'm working on the Free RPG Day adventure. It's going to be a doozy. I'll give some more details in a sec. Two of three floors of the adventure are drafted. I have one more to go. I've also sketched out some cover (more like "front page") art and have started working on the map. I intend to make this free "quickstart" adventure a downloadable PDF. It will be available somehow, somewhere... and it will be free.
  • The Free RPG Day adventure will feature some pared-down rules from the first and third TATG books. Specifically, fear, dying, healing up and what crosses do to vampires from the first book and ritual casting from the third book are covered in a very limited fashion. There's an opportunity for the pared-down rules to sneak into the final publication, however, if people feel they rock sufficiently.
  • The Free RPG Day will feature five TATG pre-generated characters -- all first level and likely to die horribly. The classes represented will be the Valiant, Half-Breed, Reaver, Hunter and Exotic. Some of these classes will also be pared down from the book. At most they will be missing one ability or other.
  • This Quickstart absolutely assumes the reader has a copy of the Dungeon Crawl Classics roleplaying game nearby -- as does Transylvanian Adventures. It doesn't explain things like what Luck points do or give you things like Fumble or Crit tables. TATG is a supplement for DCC. You'll need DCC to run the Quickstart or you'll have to improv a few things.

Other Things

  • My work on finishing the book has crawled to a halt because I shifted my focus 100% to Free RPG Day. Those following the forum probably know I overhauled the Dying rules and that prompted a minor revision of the Character Classes. All that was good stuff and it made the game a lot simpler without sacrificing the fun. I'm more interested in a game that's fun than a game I can write on a notecard.
  • At a minimum, I'm trying to get a cover piece and the map completed for the Free RPG Day Quickstart. I think I'll be lucky to get those in. I'll try to do some interior pieces as well but no guarantees. If anyone has some suggestions or art they'd like to include, I'm open to ideas or contributions.
  • I've been busy on the "How To" section of TATG. The final chapter to draft, really. I had intended to make a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style solo outing to go over some of the rule changes in TATG. And I still might finish it. But I'm about 2/3 of the way into it and... well... it's a slog. The adventure is fine. But I'm having some trouble around all the branching the CYOA format is doing. There's a growing chance that solo adventure may not make it into the book. Just a heads up.
  • I'm hoping to be at NTRPG con in Fort Worth, Texas. I'll update with more details once I get a ticket and a room. If I make it, I'm hoping to play lots and I'll also be up for running DCC and TATG.


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