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Friday, June 28, 2013

I Am So Grumpy Right Now

So I do something I think will be really, really awesome. And that is, I updated The Winter Home pre-gens to be closer to the characters in the finished book, Transylvanian Adventures. Things are going swimmingly, especially considering I haven't done layout since the heydays of Quark and Pagemaker.

I get the file finished up. Upload it. Click to send all the customers an email saying "Hey, guess what? The pre-gens are now about 12 hundred-thousand percent more awesome and....


Not only is my updated PDF incapable of being downloaded but the product is now "inactive" (again).

Overall, I look and feel like this right now.

I have two support tickets open for DriveThruRPG/RPGNow at the moment. One for the file not really being updated (despite the spiffy email I received saying it was) and the other for the de-activation of The Winter Home.

So far... not loving it.


  1. I received the updated file. Im really pumped you fixed my only issue with the adventure. My friends and I are excited for what you have in store when the book comes out!

  2. Cool. Glad the updated file is still reaching people.
    Hopefully, this all gets resolved soon on the rpgnow end of things.

  3. Heh. I had just put up my review of your product this morning and was going to post it on DriveThru and was greeted by the "NO LONGER EXISTS" message. I was like, what?


    1. Thanks for the great review. I appreciate it. Hopefully, you were able to get a copy of the updated PDF with the more complete pre-gens.

      Unfortunately, I'm unaware of any monsters in the Winter Home that need a magic weapon to hit. TATG doesn't roll like that.

      The requirement of a +1 or better weapon to hit a monster is used sparingly. Even the big bads can be hurt by regular weapons (albeit for minimal damage). And the concept of level drain is entirely absent in TATG -- although I think players in the end would almost prefer level drain to "Vampire Sickness".

      Thanks again for the great review. I'll repost it when I do my next blog update. Hopefully Winter Home will be available again soon.


    2. On further review... I see what you're saying. It's worth noting, however, that there is a magic sword in the adventure and one of the pre-gens starts out with a silver dagger.

      That said, most of the harder to kill monsters in the Winter Home take half-damage from normal weapons at the very least.

      I had a PC kill one of the vampire brides by beating her with a torch, of all things.

      A party that rolls really well could survive the house with only a couple of casualties. But it's designed such that a party would be crazy to fight each and every encounter. And there are two ways to kill the (first) Big Bad. Without the sword or ritual, a party is probably looking at a few characters dropped to 0 Hit Points which doesn't always mean death. The official TATG Death/Dying rules are better than the ones in the Winter Home. Most characters can count on 2, possibly 3, drops in an adventure before Death becomes a certainty.

      I should probably do a blog post on this. It's good that Winter Home is opening these discussions, though. I'm happy that people are excited to see TATG finally unburied!

      Thanks again. And I'll try to do an update soon. Blog posts will become more regular once the first book heads to layout.


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