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The Winter Home Now Available

The wait is over!

Sort of.

An introductory module for Transylvanian Adventures is now available on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. The introductory module is titled The Winter Home. It includes some abridged rule enhancements from Transylvanian Adventures and 5 pre-generated 4th level characters (Valiant, Exotic, Half-Breed, Reaver and Hunter).

It's worth noting that these pre-gens are scaled back a bit and don't feature all the options available to characters in Transylvanian Adventures. Why? Mostly because some class abilities would've required more of the rule enhancements from the book to make sense.

So head on over to the Land of Phantoms online store.

Or go directly to the page for The Winter Home.

The Winter Home is available for $3.99.

And an update...

  • The final chapter needing draft has been completed. Most chapters have been proofed and are headed to layout soon.
  • I was also able to finish up a couple of random tables I'd forgotten about. One for the Investigation chapter and another for the In-Between Adventures chapter. Nobody's perfect and that's doubly true for me. But proofreading saved the day.
  • I'm on my last table for the first book now. Well, it's really a set of tables. They carry no more mechanical weight than the Occupations table but I think they'll make for better characters overall. These tables are, of course, entirely optional. Some groups will love them. Others will ignore them.
  • I'm going to add some more examples, especially for the In-Between Adventures and Investigations chapters. Those are really different. But good different, I think. It's just that they do things that I haven't ever seen a roleplaying game try to do. If a group doesn't care for them, they can fully ignore them as well. But they definitely add an element to a campaign or adventure that is typically overlooked or poorly supported rules-wise.


  • Yes, I'm chatty tonight.
  • For all those who have purchased The Winter Home and those who've received it as a free download from the Free RPG Day promotion, please spread the word (feedback would be awesome too!). If this thing gets off the ground and does anything, it will be because "You Demanded It!" -- as Stan Lee likes to say. The first book is a given. I'm committed to finishing the next two as well. But the quality of those books and the speed with which they are completed rests solely on the success of what has come before. Basically, the better the intro adventure and first book do the easier it will be to find (and make) time to work on books two and three.
  • As promised many moons ago, I'll be doing a chapter by chapter blog series to preview what's coming up in Book One (Transylvanian Adventures). Along those lines, are there any questions or blogposts you all would like to see? Any questions about it? Or things you'd like to know?


  1. The adventure looks good. I plan on printing it out tomorrow and (hopefully) running it Saturday. As soon as I run it I'll try to write up a play report.

    I did my first post about Translyvanian Adventures over at earlier and I plan on making more.

  2. Alex Lucard, Editor-in-Chief of Diehard GameFAN. Is there a way I can email you? There's no actual link on your blog.


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