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"Meatpie Forever!" -- A playtester at GenCon 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Updates

It's been a busy few weeks...


  • I got a chance to head up to Dallas for NTPRG Con. Got to meet Doug Kovacs, Harley Stroh, Paul Wolfe and Michael Curtis among many others. Had a great time.

Quickstart: The Good News

  • It's been through layout. It's been approved. It's good to go. After a couple of minor edits, it will be available for PDF download on Free RPG Day.
  • The finished booklet is 50 pages long.
  • The cover art (shown below) is by Doug Kovacs. And it looks amazing.

Quickstart: The ?! News

  • I'm going to be selling my books through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. It's the best option I've found thus far and allows people to print-on-demand for hardcopies.
  • I don't quite understand the RPGNow/OneBookshelf approval methods. So I don't know if the book will actually be available for download on Free RPG Day.
  • It appears I can't only have one product and have that product be free. We're not unhappy about the prospect of people actually buying the Quickstart (a lot of work went into it). But I did want to do something worthy for Free RPG Day. By some means, we'll figure out a window whereby people can get the Quickstart for free -- whether that be coupons through RPGNow or what. But when that window is done, it will cost around $4. So pay attention when the announcement goes out. The window will START on Free RPG Day (this Saturday) and will go no longer than one week.

...and then there's that BOOK thing...

  • Surprisingly, I have done nothing on the book while doing NTRPG Con and working on the Quickstart.
  • There is still one chapter that is in draft. The rest are all being proofed. Layout will begin on the finished chapters very soon.
  • Thanks to the encouragement of Doug Kovacs and Harley Stroh, I will be attending Gen Con this year. You'll most likely find me lurking or helping out at the DCC RPG booth. It may not be apparent at first but I'm really good at working conventions -- having worked SXSW and a number of others. So I'll show up, do my thing and he'll wonder how it was ever done without me. Find me at the booth if you want to set up a game of DCC RPG or TATG. I'm signing up a bit late to jump into events myself. But I run a mean pickup game.
Without further ado, here's the cover of the Quickstart (a.k.a. "Introductory Adventure"). If it isn't patently obvious by now, I'm not an expert marketer. So if there's pertinent information I'm overlooking, please comment and I'll try to follow up with a Q&A blog soon.


  1. I really like that cover image... though I think I'm reading some Moorcock into it that might not be intended.

  2. Maybe. Doug does a great job with the art. He's really gone above and beyond.

  3. To say that I'm super excited for this is an understatement. Transylvanian Adventures helped sell DCC to me.

    1. That's high praise. I hope the intro adventure meets expectations. More to come when the full book is available...


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